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Book with the top-rated dentist in Amman - Dr.Khaled Al-Sayed
Face & Lips Filler

know you can draw you lips easily with Dr.Khaled Al-Sayed high qualityLips Filling. Find out how Lips Filler are done with Dr.Khaled Al-Sayed


What is Veneers, how much does it lasts and hoe to take care of your veneers using a Digital Smile Design with Dr. Khaled Al-Sayed

Laser Teeth Whitening

Know more About Teeth whitening & how to take care of your teeth with Dr.Khaled Al-Sayed


Get a perfect straight teeth and a stunning bright smile with Orthodontics. Get it to know it better with Dr.Khaled Al-Sayed

Laser gum Treatment

get to know laser gum and it's advantages on your teeth appearance. Also, know more about it's long rang effect

Teeth implants

Do you have a missing teeth? don't worry, you can replace it with a new one with Dr.Khaled Al-Sayed

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