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Crowns versus veneers- Find the better choice

Nowadays, we can find a range of dental restoration techniques that refine the look of our teeth. While searching for the best options for restoring your teeth, you may have heard about veneers and crowns

However, you can raise a question- Which one is better for your teeth issues? The major difference between them is that while crowns cover your teeth fully, veneers are intended only for the front side.

Know about veneers and crowns

Veneers are some thin porcelain shells bonded to your teeth’s front surface. Their thickness is around 1mm, and you will get a beautiful smile with veneers. Nevertheless, they will give no solution to your biting problems. 

Although crowns are also porcelain covers, dentists can place them over most of your teeth. That is why you will have a positive effect on the teeth function and its structure. The thickness of crowns is about 2mm, and you may also find them as zirconia crowns , empress crowns or all metal crowns.

Dr. Khaled Alsayed  chooses between veneers and crowns based on your problems-

  • Chipped, broken, and cracked teeth

  • Weakened and decayed teeth 

  • Crooked and discoursed teeth

Both veneers and crowns are available in tones that complement your original teeth color.

Natural Laminate Veneers are the right choice for patients who are concerned about the cosmetic restoration of their teeth. They may not have any issues with the functionality of their teeth. Thus, veneers will help them to have an attractive smile. These veneers are also effective to cover minor enamel damage, misalignments, stains, chips, and cracks.

Conversely, crowns also solve these dental issues while restoring the function of your teeth. If you have lost your teeth accidentally, these crowns will help you get back to the normal structure.



  • Make your teeth aesthetically pleasing

  • Minimal movement of teeth

  • Modern veneers do not need much trimming



  • Look like natural teeth

  • Long-lasting solution 

  • No risk of tooth decay


  • Need reduction of the natural tooth to get space for the crown

  • Metal and porcelain fused systems create a dark line.

  • The crowned tooth can be heat sensitive.

Now, you can talk to your dentists to identify the right choice for your condition. Book your dental treatment service online and get a free dental check-up session with Dr. Khaled Alsayed. Book Now

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