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Dental Veneers- Choosing The Right Type Of Veneers For Your Problems

Your smile is the most noticeable factor in transforming your look. However, what would you do when you have chipped, broken, and stained teeth? You might feel uncomfortable with these dental issues. You would not feel confident in smiling at all. To solve the problem of cracked and misshaped teeth, Dr.Khaled Alsayed dental clinic use veneers.

Now, the question is- Which veneer is the right choice for you?

You need 2 visits to the clinic to get porcelain veneers or Natural laminate veneers Conversely, with composite resin veneers, you have to make only one visit (facing ) . We have some other information to help you in choosing the best veneer.

Porcelain veneer

With a thin ceramic shell, it fits properly over your front teeth and lasts for 10 to 20 years. High rigidity, durability, and natural look are the most notable features of a natural laminate veneer.

  • Composite veneer

Known as a Facing . it is cheaper than the porcelain versions. You have no risk of tooth sensitivity with this veneer.

  • Non-permanent veneer

With plastic/resin, this veneer is removable at any time. There is no need to remove enamel to fit this veneer.

Lumineers veneer

It is one of the thinnest and hardest veneers, offering you a pain-free solution. Once you have applied this veneer, it will last for 20 years.

Although you can find different types of veneers, porcelain ones are the best choice.

Know the tooth color to find the right veneer

When you visit Dr.khaled alsayed dental clinic in Amman, we will check out your dental color. Generally, teeth colors fall into four major categories- reddish-gray, reddish-brown, reddish-yellow, and gray. What’s more, there are several other subcategories of these tones. we chooses veneer shades that are lighter than your original teeth.

Identify your tooth shape to pick the perfect veneer

Veneers of a proper shape can make your smile more beautiful. As there is a difference in the look of every tooth, dentists have to make several combinations. Some of us have square-shaped teeth with somewhat rounded canines, while others have prominent, sharp canines. Similarly, there are round-shaped teeth with longer canines.

Now, you can visit Dr.Khaled Alsayed dental clinic to have a smile makeover with veneers. You will have a natural-looking smile with the right veneers. Based on the type of veneers, you can find a difference in the cost. However, you will get lasting value from cosmetic dental treatment. 

Get a free dental check-up session with Dr. Khaled Alsayed when you book online.

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